Progzilla Podcast – Edition 12 – September 2010

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I’m delighted to announce that edition 12 of the Progzilla podcast is now available for you to download and enjoy!
This month we feature music from Anubis, Tinyfish, Bert Lams & Tom Griesgraber, California Guitar Trio, The Rebel Wheel, Hasse Froberg, Mandalaband, We Sell Seashells, Regenesis & Kinetic Element, as well as an exclusive interview with Hasse Froberg and the usual news, tour dates etc.
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2 Responses to “Progzilla Podcast – Edition 12 – September 2010”

  1. Cliff Says:

    Anubis – The Collapse
    Tinyfish – I’m Not Crashing
    Tinyfish – Building The Machine
    Bert Lams & Tom Griesgraber – Victor’s Chase
    California Guitar Trio – Echoes
    The Rebel Wheel – Wordplay

    Hasse Froberg interview

    Hasse Froberg – Fallen Empire
    Mandalaband – Ancestors
    Mandalaband – Nimrod
    We Sell Seashells – Be Excellent to Each Other
    Regenesis – Stagnation
    Kinetic Element – Peace of Mind, Peace of Heart

  2. Proglodyte Says:

    Cliff – Great progcast.
    I just picked up the feed 2 weeks ago, so have my listening cut out for me….
    Last night, I listened to the September progcast, and just wanted to leave you a short note to say “great job”…

    After 30 years of the Big Three (YES, Pink Floyd and Genesis), I’ve started to look around and see a whole new world of Prog. So inspiring. (due in no small part to the internet and progzilla!)

    Septembers show:
    Anubis was a cool listen, will be looking for that band on iTunes…

    The high point for me was the California Guitar Trio cover of Echoes… very cool…

    Keep up the great work.